District Trustee Board

Supporting the district team to meet their objectives

(In April 2023 District Executives became District Trustee Boards to bring them in line with Charity Commission definitions)


The District Trustee Board exists to support the District Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment. 

Members of the Trustee Board must act collectively as charity trustees of their charity, and in the best interests of the charity’s members.

The Trustee Board must act in the charity’s best interests, acting with
reasonable care and skill and take steps to be confident that:

a) The charity is:

    • well managed
    • complying with the charity’s governing document and the law
    • carrying out its purposes for the public benefit
    • managing the charity’s resources responsibly

    b)      The charity is operating compliant with POR, including effective management of the Key Policies – The Equal Opportunities Policy, Privacy and Data Protection Policy, Religious Policy, Safeguarding Policy, Safety Policy, Vetting Policy, Youth
    Member Anti-bullying Policy.

    c) Young people are meaningfully involved in decision making at all levels

    d)    There are sufficient resources (funds, people, property and equipment)
    available to meet the planned work of the Group, District or County (as
    appropriate) including delivery of the high-quality programme and resource requirements of the training programme.

    e)    The Scouts has a positive image in the local community


    District Chairman: Bill Holmes

    District Secretary: Brenda Graham

    District Treasurer: Tony Parkinson

    Executive Members: Tim Johnson, Andy Weissenborn, Brian Beardsley, Chris Hand and Julie Martin